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Added: April, 17, 2012
Category: Marketing modules
Version: 1.0.20 - view changes
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Customer Rating: 4 reviews

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The Banner Slideshow module simplifies things for your client. Like everything in LemonStand, this module is simple, powerful and flexible. With this module you can manage unlimited banner slideshows directly from your LemonStand administration area with a large array of flexability and cusomisability.

Supported Features

  • Upload and reorder your banner images
  • Add captions and links to each slide
  • Large number of transition effects, usability and display options
  • Support for a selection of javascript callback events for extra customisability
  • Create unlimited slideshows of any width and height!
  • New! Responsive slideshows!
  • New! Full HTML captions

Displaying your Slideshow

Add the asset files relevant to you to your header partial (Bundled themes include default, orman and pascal):

<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?= root_url('modules/flynsarmyslideshow/resources/nivo-slider3.2/themes/default/default.css') ?>" />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?= root_url('modules/flynsarmyslideshow/resources/nivo-slider3.2/nivo-slider.css') ?>" />
<script type='text/javascript' src="<?= root_url('modules/flynsarmyslideshow/resources/nivo-slider3.2/jquery.nivo.slider.js') ?>"></script>


And finally add the actual slideshow rendeirng code to your page (Replace My Slideshow wih the name of your slideshow):

FlynsarmySlideshow_Slideshow::create()->find_by_name("My slideshow")->render();

If you're using Twig:

{{ flynsarmyslideshow_render_by_name("My slideshow") }}



If you have any questions or find a bug, please use the contact form here and i'll get back to you as soon as possible. This module uses NivoSlider so all available NivoSlider themes, options and support services are open to you. See their demo page for examples of NivoSlider in use.

Customer reviews

  • Great Banner Slideshow Module

    Posted by evan lobalbo on June, 20, 2012


    I'm definitely happy with this purchase!
    The module capabilities blend right in with the rest of LemonStand's development tool flow.
    Resizing sliders, image replacement, content input, even the transitioning all made easy.
    I'm a designer and this leaves all that extra time messing around with code to just plug and play.

    Keep it up Flynsarmy and LemonStand!


  • Awesome Module

    Posted by Nick Toye on September, 17, 2012


    The ease of this module is something to behold. I've always found image slideshows to be a pain in the arse, this is one that kind of just works right off the bat. Nice GUI too, which us designers love.

    Another great job by a great module developer.


  • Great plugin, great support

    Posted by Stuart Peters on December, 05, 2012


    This plugin does exactly what you need and is so cheap, it's silly not to take it into your project.

    I discovered a small issue on an old browser and Flyn was happy to respond and fix the issue.

    A credit the our community!

  • Just works

    Posted by Michael Richardson on June, 05, 2013

    Zoinks, Scoob, this thing just works! Let's go!

  • Works great

    Posted by Anatoly Babkin on September, 14, 2013


    This is my 3rd module from Flynsarmy . This one of best Lemon stand writers around here. I have few modules just just dead because they do not work and there is no support whatsoever.

    White more modules! And thank you for this one.

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