This is the documentation for LemonStand V1, which has been discontinued. LemonStand is now a cloud based platform, available at

How to Manually Change Order Status

Changing an order status

LemonStand assigns the New status to all new orders. You can change a status of an order on the Order Preview page. To change the order status, click the Change status button in the Order Status History section. In the Change Orders Status form you can select an order status to send order to, and enter an optional comment. A list of statuses in the Status drop-down menu depends on the current order status and your role in the online store. You can manage the order route and user roles on the System/Settings.

Alternatively you can change order statuses in bulk mode on the Orders page. Select orders you want to update and click the Change status button. When you update order statuses in bulk mode, LemonStand displays only those statuses in the Status drop-down menu, which you can set for all of the selected orders. If you cannot find a specific status in the Status drop-down menu, try selecting orders with a same status.

When you change an order status, LemonStand can send email notifications to the customer and other LemonStand users, depending on the order route configuration.

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